Early Italian Purple Garlic Fall-Shipped (Softneck)

This Italian import is one of the easiest to grow. It is vigorous, widely adaptable and quite prolific, producing large, milky-white, thick-skinned bulbs with light purple stripes at its base and up to 20 plump cloves. Easy to braid with soft main stalks without flowers, this softneck can store up to 10 months with proper curing once harvested. Shipped in the fall at the proper time for planting in your area.

One pound of sets.
In stock

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Agricultural Restrictions on Tubers, Sets & Slips

• Potato tubers may not be shipped to Alaska or Hawaii.

• Sweet Potatoes may not be shipped to Alaska, California or Hawaii.

• Onion sets, Shallot sets and Garlic bulbs may not be shipped to Georgia, Idaho, Nevada, Washington or Hawaii.

• Horseradish roots may not be shipped to Hawaii.

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• Due to agricultural requirements and restrictions, we can not ship any Tubers, Sets or Slips to Canada (no vegetative material, tubers or bulbs).

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