Persimmon Tomato

80-90 days. The strong, indeterminate vines of this heirloom bear huge, beefsteak-type, slicing Tomatoes that ripen toward the end of summer. The lovely, peachy-orange colors of the Persimmon Tomato deepen from its softly dented, light green shoulders to the bottom of its plump, globe-shaped fruit. A dependable variety even in cool summers, Persimmons vigorous plants produce one to two crack-resistant fruits per cluster. It is the perfect slicing Tomato because it has a small seed cavity and is solid and meaty with a wonderful, rich, fruity flavor. For colorful platters of fresh Mozzarella, Basil and Tomato salad, layer these persimmon-colored slices with purplish-red Black Russian and watermelon-red Brandywine and drizzle with herbed vinaigrette. (Special thanks to Sheridan Leckie at Willow House Chronicles for the use of the photo of her sliced Persimmon!) (OP.)

One packet of about 50 seeds
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Absolutely nothing compares to eating a sun-warmed, homegrown Tomato straight off the vine. This garden mainstay is easily grown and most rewarding. Start seed in a warm, bright, well-ventilated area six to eight weeks before setting out. Transplant out after the last spring frost date. To encourage stockiness, sink seedlings deeper into the well-enriched soil than you grew them - soil should cover the lowest layer of leaves. Position stakes, cages or supports at that time to avoid disturbing the plants later on. Keep soil evenly moist and well-fertilized. Once harvested, store Tomatoes at room temperature, as anything below 50°F destroys the enzyme that gives Tomatoes their flavor. When a variety is said to have determinate vines, it means that the vines top out and all of the fruit ripens at once. When a variety is said to have indeterminate vines, it means that the vines keep growing and bearing fruit until a killing frost. Deer resistant.

Average seed life: 2 years.
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