Average First & Last Frost Dates

Your Last Frost Date is the cornerstone of your spring seed-starting endeavors. It is when you can begin transitioning the seedlings you started indoors to the outdoors, and when you can safely begin to direct-sow seeds. Likewise, your First Frost Date is useful for planning fall crops fo Brussels Sprouts, Lettuces, and more. It's also an idicator of when you should wrap up the season and start thinking about harvesting the last of those green Tomatoes!

Find your reliable Last (spring) Frost Date and First (fall) Frost Date using data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) at the National Gardening Association's website HERE. Enter your zip code. This will generate two charts: "In the Fall" and "In the Spring". Use the 32° row in each chart and find the dates in the 50% column. These are your all-important average First Frost and Last Frost dates.

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