Huckleberry Gold Potato

85-100 days. This disease-resistant Potato boasts antioxidant-rich, deep purple skin and delicious, pale gold flesh, but that’s not all: Huckleberry Gold is also the first Potato with a low glycemic index, making it a great choice for gardeners watching their carb intake! The Potatoes are similar in taste and versatility to Yukon Gold, but slightly smaller. They’re great baked, boiled, mashed and fried. (OP.)

One package of 10 mini tubers.

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There is nothing like eating Potatoes from your own garden. Try these great mini tubers - small early-generation seed, for planting whole. All are vigorous and disease-resistant: expect increased yields over cut Potatoes.

We keep our Potatoes at the perfect temperature for long term storage in our warehouse, to keep them dormant for as long as possible before they ship to you with dormant eyes so that any sprouts that might have formed will not break off in transport, using up precious energy from the tuber. Before planting, keep the Potatoes in a cool, lit place (the refrigerator will not do) to further discourage the eyes from sprouting. The eyes will sprout and grow once the Potatoes are planted. The best planting time is two weeks before last frost; if planted too early, the shoots can be damaged by freezing temperatures (although they will usually regrow).

Potatoes like deeply dug, moderately fertile soil which has not been manured for at least one year. Plant tubers in rows 30" apart and spaced 12" apart in the row, 2" to 4" deep. Regularly hill soil up around leaves until mounds are formed. Harvest when tops begin to wilt and Potatoes are small for best flavor. Deer resistant.

Please note: we are not permitted to ship Potatoes to Alaska, Hawaii or Canada.
Your mini-tubers will be shipped to you in the spring at the proper time for planting in your horticultural zone.
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