Canestrino Tomato

70-75 days. Meaning Little Basket, Canestrino is a tasty Italian heirloom from Tuscany with a plump red body and slender green-yellow shoulders. This perfect little dumpling of a Tomato is borne on vigorous, indeterminate vines. Its slightly ribbed, pear-shaped fruits weigh in at just 8 ounces and are best picked when slightly green for the most flavorful gourmet taste. Beautifully scalloped and delicious freshly sliced, meaty Canestrino is also a top pick for Tomato paste. (OP.)

One packet of about 50 seeds
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Absolutely nothing compares to eating a sun-warmed, homegrown Tomato straight off the vine. This garden mainstay is easily grown and most rewarding. Start seed in a warm, bright, well-ventilated area six to eight weeks before setting out. Transplant out after the last spring frost date. To encourage stockiness, sink seedlings deeper into the well-enriched soil than you grew them - soil should cover the lowest layer of leaves. Position stakes, cages or supports at that time to avoid disturbing the plants later on. Keep soil evenly moist and well-fertilized. Once harvested, store Tomatoes at room temperature, as anything below 50°F destroys the enzyme that gives Tomatoes their flavor. When a variety is said to have determinate vines, it means that the vines top out and all of the fruit ripens at once. When a variety is said to have indeterminate vines, it means that the vines keep growing and bearing fruit until a killing frost. Deer resistant.

Average seed life: 2 years.
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