Lemon Cucumber

60-70 days. This petite creature resembles a lemon with flattened ends and whitish-yellow skin; children love them! A novel heirloom, Lemon is worth waiting for: once it gets going, stand back! Yellow-green vines keep branching, producing 40 to 50 crispy fruits. Pick at about 2" long, before the skins darken. Check periodically for clever escapees hiding under the pale foliage. Lemon tastes faintly citrus: enjoy it fresh, or quickly sauteed, drizzled with crème fraîche or serve cool, garnished with Chives. Or munch right off the vine for a burst of summer flavor. (OP.) One packet of about 35 seeds
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Warmth-loving Cucumbers may be grown as transplants, sown indoors 2 weeks before the last spring frost date, or direct-sown well after all threat of frost has passed and when the soil has warmed up to 50°F. Harvest with a sharp blade regularly to promote abundant production before seed cavities swell, when the Cucumbers are small and thin-skinned. Cucumber vines creep stealthily, so take care to avoid garden traffic jams. They are successfully trellised vertically thanks to prolific spiraling tendrils. Some varieties are parthenocarpic and seedless, meaning pollination is unnecessary, while most have seeds and require pollination for flower and fruit development. About 90% water, Cucumbers are rich in Vitamin C, beta-carotene and manganese, and yield antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits. We love Renny Darling's Cucumber and Chive Soup with Lemon and Dill and our Asian-inspired Refreshing Cucumber Salad. It's fun to slice off the ends and hollow them out as little cups for cold Cucumber soup. Deer resistant.

Average seed life: 3 years.
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