Rouge D'Hiver Romaine Lettuce

60 days. An open-pollinated, heirloom variety, Rouge d’Hiver originated in France in l885. This red Romaine is unabashedly gorgeous, reliably hardy and perfect for baby greens. Rouge d’Hiver produces large, robust heads of reddish-bronze, green-veined leaves which tolerate both heat and cold well. Even after being dressed, its showy red leaves stay crisp and their heft makes them ideal with weightier salad ingredients. Serve shiny leaves of Rouge d’Hiver on a platter, arranging cooked, chilled Beet slices, Fennel slivers and toasted walnuts. Dress with a simple walnut oil vinaigrette and snips of Chives. Simple, elegant and healthy! It is perfect for our Grilled Romaine recipe. If you haven't yet grilled Romaine, you simply must~it is a real treat (particularly if the grill master in the family takes over for a kitchen-free night). (OP.)

One packet of about 700 seeds
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