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  1. Asparagus Bisque with a Parsnip Flan

    Asparagus Bisque with a Parsnip Flan

      Nestled in northeastern Connecticut’s Mountain Laurel-studded woodlands, Still River Café is one of the best restaurants in all of Connecticut. Situated on the bucolic 27-acre North Ashford Farm, Executive Chef Kara Brooks creates seasonal menus with fresh, imaginative dishes that evoked reverent enjoyment and sensory delight. Her husband Robert lovingly grows vegetables and herbs nearby the beautifully restored 150-year old barn in a sun-dappled spot on the edge of the woods. It's a most magical culinary experience.
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  2. Butternut Squash Granny Apple Soup

    Butternut Squash Granny Apple Soup

      2009 Award-Winning Recipe!
      A second-time top award winner, Karen told us that this signature soup of hers was just fabulous, and it is. An avid gardener, American antique specialist and animal lover, Karen’s cooking is inspired by special weekend getaways to fine seasonal restaurants and quaint inns with her husband Gary and friends.
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  3. Butternut Squash Shrimp Bisque

    Butternut Squash Shrimp Bisque

      This is one of our favorite winter soups. The sweet, creamy texture and flavor of Butternut Squash make this bisque velvety-rich without the addition of too much cream. If preferred, vegetable stock may be used in place of chicken stock and blanched Asparagus spears may be floated in place of shrimp. So nice in front of a crackling fire with a crusty baguette.
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  4. Carrot Stew

    Carrot Stew

      Dan Barber and Mike Anthony
      Blue Hill Restaurant
      75 Washington Place
      New York, NY 10011
      Blue Hill

      This jewel of a neighborhood restaurant, on a quiet street in Greenwich Village, has received national attention for its warm atmosphere, excellent service and superb food. The menu reflects the chef’s passion for fresh, seasonal ingredients from local sources, including the Barber family farm in Great Barrington, MA, for which the restaurant is named. For reservations, call (212) 539-1776.
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  5. Chilled Tomato Soup Gazpacho-Style

    Chilled Tomato Soup Gazpacho-Style

      Alice Waters, Chef/owner
      Chez Panisse
      Berkeley, California

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  6. Crabby Corn Chowder

    Crabby Corn Chowder

      Jo-Anne van den Berg-Ohms
      John Scheepers * Bantam, CT

      When summer Corn is at its peak, there is nothing better than this long time favorite~now, or over the winter. To prep the corn for winter soup making, cook the cobs for 5 minutes, dip them in an ice bath, remove the kernels from the cobs, scraping down to catch as much of the Sweet Corn "milk" as possible. Freeze the corn in 2 cup portions. The crab can be switched to bite-sized pieces of shrimp or lobster if you like.
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  7. Cream of Potato-Leek Soup with Parsley Croutons and Chives

    Cream of Potato-Leek Soup with Parsley Croutons and Chives

      Jo-Anne van den Berg-Ohms
      John Scheepers * Bantam, CT

      This is one of our favorite comfort soups for the fall and winter. It has a velvet-creaminess and a luscious essence-of-leek taste that everyone seems to love. The onion and shallot give it a deeper, more resonant taste topped off by the homemade croutons and chopped chives.
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  8. Cucumber and Chive Soup with Lemon and Dill

    Cucumber and Chive Soup with Lemon and Dill

      Vegetarian Fast and Fancy
      by Renny Darling

      Celebrating the rich diversity of vegetables and aromatic herbs, this cookbook provides recipes that are quick and easy. The basic premise is to create delicious, healthy meals with minimum effort and in the least amount of time. This easy soup is refreshing and full of summery flavor. Royal House Publishing (available at
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  9. Cucumber Ginger Gazpacho with Spiced Honey Grilled Shrimp

    Cucumber Ginger Gazpacho with Spiced Honey Grilled Shrimp

      Our favorite restaurant in the Netherlands is Restaurant De Moerbei in Warmond (near Lisse) where our Dutch colleagues have treated us to the most amazing evenings of chef wizardry, magical tastes and happy conversation. We always take an appreciative yet fleeting look at the menu, glance around at one another, and make a unanimous decision to go with the chef’s tasting menu. Each surprise course transforms me into a child opening the most wanted present on the best birthday ever.

      This May, we were lucky enough to be there again. It is such a warm, inviting space with charming staff who didn’t mind that I took photos of each magnificent offering. My first weekend back home, I did my best to replicate their Cucumber Ginger Gazpacho festooned by miniature orbs of cucumber-ribboned goat cheese around a little island of tuna tartare topped with fried shrimp. I hope that you find my version of their inspiring verdant gazpacho as smooth and spice-silky as I found theirs. (While I tackled the tuna tartare, my version still needs work before passing it along to you.)

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  10. Dutch Cream of Mustard Soup

    Dutch Cream of Mustard Soup

      A rich, wonderful meal all with a bit of bread, there is nothing quite like classic Dutch Mustard Soup. Unable to find a traditional recipe, we made up our own and hope that you enjoy its tangy bite and creamy texture. (We bring home real Groningen Mustard from Abraham's Mustard Mill but you can also purchase good Dutch mustard, De Echte Zaanse Mosterd, from The Dutch Epicure at Of course, it is wonderful if you like to make your own mustard from mustard seed. Eet smakelijk!

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  11. Green Gazpacho

    Green Gazpacho

      Four Season Farm

      .A Spanish Gazpacho usually has Tomatoes in it, but here’s one you can make even if yours aren’t ripe yet. Or if you don’t like the look of green and red together. Or if you’re just ready for a change.

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  12. Jan’s Cream of Cauliflower Soup

    Jan’s Cream of Cauliflower Soup

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