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  1. Strawberry Simple Syrup

    Strawberry Simple Syrup

      For delicious drinks on special occasions through the winter, bring back the incredible taste of just-picked Strawberries by making this easy simple syrup. A little splash can be added to club soda or champagne. Or, you can make an adult beverage: vodka or tequila (2 ounces), Strawberry Purée (1 ounce), Strawberry Simple Syrup (1/2 ounce), lime juice (1/2 ounce) and club soda (1 ounce): in an ice-filled cocktail mixer, shake and strain into a glass filled with crushed ice.

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  2. Spinach Pesto

    Spinach Pesto

      John Scheepers
      Bantam, CT

      As much as we love our Favorite Basil Pesto, there are times when its flavor is a tad overpowering. That's when we turn to our new Spinach Pesto. Use it as a base for other recipes because it is really thick. To serve it with pasta, I thin it out with hot pasta water. I use it on sandwiches after I've mixed some with an equal amount of mayonnaise. I spread a thick pesto coat all over a pork tenderloin, seared it on all sides in a skillet, applied more pesto and roasted it to 145ºF perfection. Freeze it flat in airtight freezer bags: snap off chunks for impromptu use all winter. For a quick hors d'oeuvres, spread soft goat cheese in a little baking dish, top it with a thin layer of spinach pesto and heat it until bubbly and fragrant. Serve with crostini.

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  3. Saucy Cauliflower Spread

    Saucy Cauliflower Spread

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    • Peppers and Onions...and Raisins

      Peppers and Onions...and Raisins

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      • Our Favorite Basil Pesto

        Our Favorite Basil Pesto

          John Scheepers
          Bantam, Connecticut

          An easy recipe that is very versatile!
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      • Herbed Butter Balls

        Herbed Butter Balls

          It may sound strange, but these herbed butter balls are a real lifesaver in the kitchen for all of us short-order cooks. There is no end to the clever combinations one can make to assist weeknight cooking.
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      • Compound Butter

        Compound Butter

          Odessa Piper, Chef-Proprietor
          L'Étoile Restaurant
          Madison, Wisconsin

          One of the most talented chefs in the US, Odessa Piper is famous for marrying fine cuisine with the honest fruits of the land. She employs compound butters in L'Étoile's menu every season. She loves the last minute spike of flavor, color and texture they add to perfectly cooked vegetables. To contact L'Étoile for reservations, call (608) 251-0500. (We also make our own version of her Compound Butter that we freeze and use for cooking: we incorporate freshly minced garlic into the butter with a selection of fresh herbs.)
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      • Almond Gremolata Butter

        Almond Gremolata Butter

          As you might imagine, the fall bulb season is a rather hectic time of the year. That's when I count on the stockpile of magical envelopes in our freezer containing all the goodness of this year's harvest. My gremolata concoction is one of my new favorites. It is terrific melted over steamed or roasted vegetables, spread over a salmon filet (cook at 250ºF for 30 minutes), or rubbed under the skin of a roasting chicken. It's a terrific, easy way to harvest and preserve parsley for use over the winter when we need it most.
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      • What Do F1 and OP Mean?

        What Do F1 and OP Mean?

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