The Red, White & Blue Potato Sampler

New! 70-110 days. For gardeners with limited space but a longing for variety, we’ve combined three colorful and delicious Potato varieties in one discounted collection: 5 minitubers each of Red Gold, Kennebec and Magic Molly.

A wonderful multi-purpose Potato, Red Gold (70-80 days) produces high yields of 2”, round Potatoes with thin, pale red skin and light golden flesh that is suited to mashing, roasting, baking and frying. It's early maturing with good disease resistance. (OP.)

Kennebec (80-100 days) is an all-purpose, high-yield Potato with great disease resistance. It's widely adaptable, but most famous for its thin, pale skin and dense, smooth, low-moisture, white flesh that lends itself perfectly to frying. In fact, it was introduced by the USDA in the 1940s specifically for that purpose, but modern gardeners know that it has a classic Potato taste and that it can be used for almost any purpose. (OP.)

Magic Molly (110 days), an Alaskan-bred wonder, has purple skin and flesh that retains its striking color even after cooking. These waxy, oblong to blocky 6"-long tubers have an earthy flavor and low starch. The vigorous, upright plants are blight-resistant and high yielding with medium to late maturity. (OP.)

One package of 15 mini tubers.

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