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Onion Sets

Easy to grow, our Onion Sets are small, 1" diameter Onion bulbs for planting as soon as the ground can be worked in early spring. Green Onions may be harvested at any size with flavor intensifying the larger they grow. Fully mature storage Onions should be harvested once their tops dry out and fall over. Then, air dry them out of direct sunlight for 2 to 3 weeks to cure fully. Once dry, store Onions in a cool, dry spot with good air circulation, where they can last for over a year. We ship Onion Sets as soon as the weather permits in early spring. Deer resistant. Onion Sets may not be shipped to Georgia, Idaho, Nevada, Hawaii or or the following five counties in the State of Washington: Adams, Benton, Franklin, Grant and Klickitat.

Red Wethersfield Onion Sets

100 days. The celebrated heirloom from Wethersfield, Connecticut, these 2" to 3" beauties have dark burgundy skin with good internal red color, a flattened base and a crisp-mild flavor. It is the perfect raw slicer for sandwiches and salads. (OP.)

One pound of sets
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