Brilliant Celeriac

110 days. This vigorous newcomer produces a hefty, 3"- to 5"-round root with a smooth white interior. Besides classic French Celeriac remoulade, it is also fantastic peeled, cubed and boiled with Potatoes and mashed with cream and butter. Celeriac is also brilliant in Celeriac Cutlets; rich, puréed cream soups or parboiled and baked with julienned Leeks as a gratin smothered in a nutmeg-laced cheese sauce. Celeriac is such a refreshing winter comfort food. Wait until you taste the perfection of Asparagus-Celeriac Benedict on a snowy Sunday morning. (If you store partially sliced Celeriac globes in the fridge, you can use a cheese slicer to remove the exterior browned surface of the cut end. Works like a charm. A quick dip in lemon juice helps prevent discoloration just like it does for apples.) (OP.)

One packet of about 100 seeds
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Celeriac is a raggedy, bulbous Celery cousin that is grown for its root, hence its moniker, Celery Root. It is a bit challenging to grow, but once you've bitten this unforbidden fruit, you'll know it's well worth the effort. Raise as transplants 10 to 12 weeks before setting out after all danger of frost has passed when temperatures are reliably above 55°F. Ravenous Celeriac needs rich, loamy well-fed soil and regular watering. Harvest with a spade before a heavy frost, store it in the fridge or cool cellar and enjoy it for up to 8 months.

Average seed life: 3 years.
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