Bob's Designer Pumpkin Mixture

100-120 days. Cucurbita pepo. This exciting seed blend is from Bob Koenders at Michigan's Backyard Bouquet Farm. The product of 10 years of careful breeding work, Bob's Designer Pumpkin Mixture contains unique, carefully selected varieties with ornate patterns, colors, shapes and sizes that bear little resemblance to their Pumpkin parents. You may see a green Pumpkin with a ghost's orange silhouette, an orange Pumpkin with green blotches, stripes or netting, distinctly bi-colored Pumpkins or even a pure orange Pumpkin in a fascinating shape. They range from long, tall 25-pounders to stackable 3-to 5-pounders. Their strong, attached, curved stems are usually 6" to 10" long. These one-of-a-kind beauties store much better and longer than typical Pumpkins due to their high density and thick walls. (OP.)

One packet of about 20 seeds
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