Homemade Pumpkin Purée

You can use any Pumpkin, although our personal culinary favorites are Cotton Candy, Rouge d’Etampes, New England Pie and Fairytale Pumpkins because they are more manageable to cut and their flesh is thick, firm, sweet and less fibrous.


Preheat the oven to 400ºF. Wash and dry the outside of the Pumpkin and cut it in half (this is the hardest part). Scoop out all of the fiber and seeds. Cut each half into quarters, very lightly brush the flesh with canola oil and place the pieces, skin side down, on roasting sheets. Roast until fork-tender, about 35 minutes. Once it cools down a little, scoop the flesh off the rind into a food processor. Blend until smooth. Pour the purée into a cheesecloth-lined strainer over a large bowl. Let it sit awhile to remove any excess liquid.

Freeze the purée in 2-cup portions in air-tight, quart freezer bags for up to six months. (We advise making the purée as its own activity rather than making it just before making Velvety Pumpkin Cheesecake or another Pumpkin recipe. Life is easier and better with envelopes of homemade goodness waiting for you in the freezer.)