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  1. Enjoy Herbal Tea From Your Own Garden

    Enjoy Herbal Tea From Your Own Garden

    We all love growing herbs in our gardens. It's wonderful to have them at hand when cooking, and it's so nice to enjoy their good looks, scents and flavors while wandering the garden, too. But there are really only so much herbs you can use while cooking on a day to day basis. Why not use up your herbal surplus by making herbal teas? Most herbs that are commonly grown for tea, like Rosemary, Lemongrass, Lemon Balm and Spearmint, can be steeped both fresh and dried, so be sure to plant enough to store for the colder months, when a hot cup of tea will warm you up and remind you of your garden while it's covered in snow.
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  2. The 10 Easiest Flowers to Grow from Seeds

    The 10 Easiest Flowers to Grow from Seeds

    There's a certain level of pride and satisfaction that comes from starting seeds indoors, under grow lights. Setting up the lights, choosing just the right seed starting mix, sowing the seeds carefully, and watching over the soil for little sprouts to emerge. But darn it all, don't you sometimes want to just shove a seed into the ground, splash it with a hose and come back in a few days to see it growing all on its own? That can happen... Some annual flowering varieties actually prefer being sown where they're meant to grow. Here are our top ten picks for the absolute easiest flowering annuals to grow from seeds!
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  3. Space-Saving Veggies for Small Gardens

    Space-Saving Veggies for Small Gardens

    If you have a veggie garden on the small side, or if you're just starting out in the world of veggie gardening, there are certain crops you might hesitate to grow because they take up too much real estate. If you're feeling hemmed in by the constraints of your garden, try these smaller versions of normally-space-hogging veggies. They'll help you make the most of your garden's square footage, and make summertime dinners so much more interesting and delicious.
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  4. Winter Gardening Fun

    Winter Gardening Fun

    It's the depths of winter, and our gardens are peacefully slumbering. We've retreated indoors to cozy up to the fire and catch up on our favorite TV shows. But really, as much as we might enjoy the reprieve that winter brings, does your desire to garden ever sleep? Ours doesn't! Luckily, there is seed starting to plan for, and our seed catalog, but there are so many more ways to keep our gardening minds and hands active in the coldest months, both indoors and out.
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  5. When Should You Start Your Seeds?

    When Should You Start Your Seeds?

    One of the most-asked questions we get here at Kitchen Garden Seeds is, "When should I start my seeds?" It's a good question, and the short answer is, "It depends." It depends on your climate, the type of seeds you're sowing, and more. We thought we'd lay it all out for you in this post, which will help when you're planning your seed order.
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  6. Our Essential Seed-Starting Guide

    Our Essential Seed-Starting Guide

    Starting seeds indoors is fun and satisfying. It saves you money on plants and allows you to grow varieties that you just can't find locally. After months of wintry weather, starting seeds gets your hands back into the soil at long last. Just imagine Eggplants, Tomatoes and Zinnias, all started from tiny seeds. But how does one get started? Here's all the information you need.
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  7. Roasted, Lemony Asparagus

    Roasted, Lemony Asparagus

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