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Petroselinum crispum. According to Culpeper's Herbal, Parsley is an herb of Mercury; it comforts the stomach and just generally cures what ails you! Indeed, Parsley is considered highly cleansing and refreshing to the digestive system. This vital, ubiquitous herb is indispensable for brightening soups, salads and pastas. Parsley is best raised as transplants sown indoors 6 to 8 weeks prior to setting out after the last spring frost date. (If Parsley re-seeds in our gardens, we leave them and consider ourselves lucky!) Grow Parsley in pots near the kitchen for quick snipping. Vitamin A, C and iron-rich Parsley tolerates some shade; it loves rich, moist soil and regularly survives frost, dying back and re-emerging the following spring. Harvest by snipping leaves and stems as needed. Allow a few of these Umbelliferae family members to flower since the fragrant umbels attract desirable pollinating insects to your garden. Biennial.

Average seed life: 2 years.

Paramount Curly-Leaf Parsley

Paramount Curly-Leaf Parsley Paramount Curly-Leaf Parsley Paramount Curly-Leaf Parsley Paramount Curly-Leaf Parsley
An improvement over regular, run-of-the-mill curly varieties, Paramount is dark verdant green with dense, triple-curled, kind-of-frilly leaves. If you like to plant Curly Parsley as an ornamental border in summer gardens, you will be happy to know that it has the most uniformly curled and thick coiffure of all. Growing from 18" to 24" tall, it is a terrific garnish but also has a good fresh, aromatic taste. (OP.) Check out our Herb Garden 101 on our Collections page.

One packet of about 1,000 seeds
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Gardening Tips

Parsley Sowing Instructions
Planting Depth
Row Spacing:12”
Seed Spacing:1”
Days to Germination: 14-25 days
Germination Temperature:45°-75°F

Direct-sow Parsley outside as soon as the soil can be worked in the spring. Or, raise as transplants 6 to 8 weeks before the last frost. Sow thinly in pots of fine starter mix. Speed the germination process by soaking the seed for 24 hours in warm water before planting. To maintain humidity, secure a plastic bag over the pot, but make sure you remove it the minute the seed starts to germinate. Parsley is easy to grow, once it begins to germinate. Mark rows well or you may lose track of the little Parsley seedlings among exploding spring weeds! Parsley prefers moderately rich soil amended with compost and/or well-rotted manure. Accustom seedlings gradually to the outdoors, planting out when the danger of frost has passed. Feed as needed with liquid organic fertilizer. Parsley tolerates some shade and can survive light frost. Harvest by snipping leaves and stems as needed.

Shade Tolerance