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Sweet Potatoes

Ipomoea batatas. Another delicacy thought previously to be viable only in the south, Beauregard and Vardaman Sweet Potatoes can be grown almost anywhere in the US. Sweet Potatoes are not the same as, nor are they related to, Yams (Dioscorea). There...we have put the common Sweet Potato myths to rest! Versatile Sweet Potatoes may be enjoyed as a savory or a sweet treat. They can be baked, boiled, pureed, mashed, steamed, grilled, fried or roasted. They may be used as an alternate for Pumpkin or Butternut Squash in many soups, desserts and vegetable dishes with a similar texture, consistency and only a slight variation in the actual taste. They are often mixed with maple syrup, brown sugar, bourbon, rum, honey, marshmallows, pecans, cranberries, nutmeg, cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, orange zest, sour cream and/or butter in a multitude of irresistible Thanksgiving comfort recipes. And, a Sweet Potato can be a satisfying, healthy meal all by itself without any adornment what-so-ever. Our Sweet Potato plants are shipped directly from the grower to you at the proper time for spring planting with complete horticultural instructions. They should be planted in a deeply cultivated bed after all danger of frost has passed. Protect the tender plants with floating row covers from any cool temperature spikes. Keep the bed well-weeded and the soil gently worked until the plants establish themselves and take off. Harvest them after 90 days when they reach the desired size. Our tasty varieties have somewhat thin skins, so take care when working the soil around them or harvesting them~avoid cutting or bruising them. Once harvested, they should be cured in a ventilated crate or basket for 8 to 10 days prior to use so that their innate sweetness and moist, creamy texture may develop. They may be stored for prolonged periods in a cool, dry spot with 50°F to 60°F temperatures. Please note: we are not permitted to ship Sweet Potatoes to Alaska, California or Hawaii.

Vardaman Sweet Potato

100-120 days. Named after the Sweet Potato Capital in Vardaman, Mississippi, this attractive, even ornamental, Sweet Potato was released in 1981 by the Mississippi Agricultural Extension Service. Perfect for small space gardens, Vardaman is a bush, or short vine, Sweet Potato that is as attractive as its fruit is delicious. It has ornamental, deep red and green foliage with jewel-toned, golden-yellow skinned fruits that darken during the curing process. It has a moist, sweet, bright orange flesh.We can think of nothing more delicious than a roasted mélange of Parsnips; Butternut Squash; peeled, quartered Red Onions; and big black or red seedless grapes with a light coating of olive oil and butter with thinly scissored Sage leaves. Do not overcrowd the vegetables on the baking sheet: you want them to get a bit crisped and golden-brown. Roast in a 425°F oven for about 45 minutes. One package of 12 plants for $20.95, 25 plants for $25.95 or 50 for $30.95, please note our website is not set up correctly right now. Please order in multiples of 1 for 12 or 2 for 25 or 4 for 50 and we will correct the price and quantity! (It will show a much higher price than it should, we will correct it!)
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