Redventure Celery

100 days. The colorful result of new breeding work, Redventure offers strong Celery flavor, sensational red and pink coloring and tremendous garden performance. It is adaptive, resilient, and quite cold hardy. (Can you tell that we like it?) More intensely flavored than common Celery varieties populating grocery stores, Redventure produces dark to brilliant red stalks with luminous, emerald-green leaves. Its striking, blanched stalks can be harvested singly for a continuous supply of salad Celery or fully mature plants may be harvested (complete with a lovely, semi-blanched, golden-pink heart). Redventure is well-suited to cooking in soups and stews. (OP.)

One packet of about 750 seeds
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An exalted member of the aromatic mirepoix triad, Celery, along with Carrots and Onions, helps form the flavor base for a good percentage of French, and many other, cuisines . A bit finicky to start from seed, it is best grown as transplants sown 10 to 12 weeks before setting out after all threat of frost has passed. A thirsty and hungry vegetable, Celery must be kept well-watered and fertilized throughout the growing season. You may harvest the outer stalks anytime or you may cut the entire plant off 1" above the soil level. For the best flavor and storage capacity, water Celery well the day prior to harvest.

Average seed life: 3 years.
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