Aurora Orach Mixture

45-50 days. Its 5' to 6' stalks bear a profusion of soft, smaller stalked, 4½", arrow-shaped leaves in red, gold, dark green, pink, carmine and deep purple with a dayglow radiance. Fresh baby Orach offers a spicy punch to salads. It may also be added to stir-fries, soups, stews and rich vegetable concoctions in much the same way as you would Spinach. (OP.)

One packet of about 250 seeds
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Commonly known as Mountain Spinach, French Spinach or Sea Purslane, colorful Orach is an easy-to-grow European and Siberian native. Its zesty, but never bitter, baby leaves may be used in the kitchen just like Spinach, although it looks and grows quite differently than Spinach in the garden. It is more tolerant of hot and cold temperature swings than Spinach.

Average seed life: 5 years.

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