Milano Chicory Melange

40-70 days. A splendid mixture of heirloom Italian Chicory, our Mélange features eight special varieties in diverse colors, leaf shapes and head types. Now for the rundown. Pan di Zucchero, also known as Sugarloaf, has large conical green heads. Gumolos Rosso is a rugged, rustic variety with red leaves while Gumolos Verde has verdant green leaves. Catalogna Dandelion Greens have long, deeply cut, bright green, frilly leaves. Varigata Castelfranco Radicchio has lovely round leaves that are two-toned green and red. Rossa di Treviso Radicchio has long red leaves with white mid-ribs. Radicchio Rossa di Verona has oval-shaped heads while Radicchio Palla Rossa has classic round red heads. Start the Milan Chicory Mélange very early in the spring or in the late fall so that its vibrant colors can develop in cooler temperatures. You may harvest its tangy leaves at any stage of growth depending on their use. The distinctive earthy taste and slightly bitter tang of Chicory is cherished in Italian salads as baby leaves and in soups and stews with more mature leaves. (OP.)

One packet of about 4,500 seeds
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