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Lupinus polyphyullus. One of the most beloved early summer perennials, these prized large-leafed hybrids were bred originally by Englishman George Russell and introduced in the late 1930's. Today's line of Russell Hybrids is considered to be the foremost Lupine selection with large, upright, densely flowering, colorful spires comprised of sweet pea-like flowers. Lupines hate any sort of root disturbance so it is best to direct-sow Lupine seed into the garden after all threat of frost has passed in spring. If you must start indoors for transplant out, use individual cells or peat pots~not flats. They like full to partial sun and slightly acidic to neutral pH soil (5.6 to 7.0). Although they will not bloom the first season, these incredible flowers are well worth the wait. Imagine banks of colorful Lupines flanking old stone walls, stretching along woodlands and dotting fields like wildflowers that had been there forever. Perennial. Hardiness zones: 4-8. Spring to early summer flowering. Height: 36" to 48".

Average seed life: 2 years.

Noble Maiden Lupine

Ivory to pure white. HZ: 4-8.

One packet of about 100 seeds
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