When to Order Your Seeds

As soon as you decide to conduct a seed fund raiser, call us to set up an initial hold order before you actually start to sell. Keep an eye on the calendar.

Varieties that need to be started indoors have their own timetables as do seeds that are direct sown outdoors. We recommend this schedule for seed packet distribution by Horticultural Zone. You can use this end date from which to determine your fund raiser's schedule.

Horticultural Zone 9: February 5th
Horticultural Zone 8: February 15th
Horticultural Zone 6: March 15th
Horticultural Zone 7: March 5th
Horticultural Zones 3-5: April 1st

These dates are early, general and based on starting varieties like tomatoes and peppers indoors. Certainly, you may select other varieties that prefer to be direct sown after the threat of frost has passed with a later distribution date.

As your group is conducting the fund raiser, please call us with periodic updates so that we may reserve additional seed packets to cover your sales. Since seeds are perishable and can not be returned, we take great care to finalize your order with you prior to shipment. To reserve your order, we ask for a Visa or Mastercard: we do not charge credit cards until your order is finalized for shipment at which time you could also mail us an organizational check.

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