Planning Your Fund Raiser

Frequently, fund raisers are conducted through a one-on-one volunteer sales effort with a sell sheet and order form followed by a scheduled pick-up and/or supplemental sales event. While we do not offer a preprinted, "canned" fund raising brochure, we do help you to plan your fund raiser and offer as much assistance as we possibly can.

Your sell sheet and order form can be made easily on a computer: they seem to work best when they are simple and easy to use. Feel free to use any of the illustrations in our Kitchen Garden Seeds catalog or seed packets. You can have the artwork scanned easily and nicely for your group's own, personalized sell-sheet. Please feel free to copy any of the individual variety descriptions from our catalog or website.

You may use any of the horticultural information included in our catalog or on our website for your group's materials or when putting together press kits for your local media to promote your seed fund raiser. Noted horticultural author and professional market grower, Barbara Damrosch, offers practical horticultural and cooking tips throughout the catalog and website.

Or, you can simply send out your volunteers with seed packets in hand and sell them on the spot without any materials other than a horticultural tips handout geared toward your area and the varieties that you are selling with some information about your group and what the money is going to support. Some ideas for "on-the-spot" sales may be at a local farmer's market or at local community gatherings like sporting events, Memorial Day celebrations, summer carnivals or school functions.

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