The Ultimate Zinnia Collection

Zinnias are like candy--sweet, colorful and addictive. We could never have too many! And there are so many wonderful Zinnias from which to choose. We say why choose? Grow them all! Fill your garden with color and your vases with blooms all summer long with this selection of our favorite varieties. Each one can be sown directly into your garden beds after all danger of frost has passed.

The Collection includes one packet of each variety (about 775 seeds) at about 26% off regular prices:

  • Bright Jewels Zinnia Mix (about 150 seeds)
  • Giant-Almost-Dahlia Zinnia Mix (about 75 seeds)
  • Peppermint Stick Zinnia Mix (about 225 seeds)
  • Persian Carpet Zinnia Mix (about 175 seeds)
  • Queen Lime Zinnia Mix (about 50 seeds)
  • Zahara Zinnia Mix (about 50 seeds)
  • Zinderella Zinnia Mix (about 50 seeds)
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