The Small Fruited Ornamental Gourd Mixture

Ornamentals come in many shapes and sizes, are smaller than Hardshells and are considerably more colorful. Our Small Fruited Mixture includes: Nest Egg (color, size and shape of a hens egg), Baby Boo (small white Pumpkin about the size of a grapefruit), Cou-Tors Native (a small, crookneck squash shape with warted, orange skin), Small Bicolor (round with orange on one half and dark green on the other), Small Pear Bicolor (pear-shaped with orange on the stem end and dark green on the bottom), Small Orange (4", light orange round), Small Warts (4", warted, orange round) and the Ten Commandments (4", multi-colored round with ten fingers projecting from one end). (OP.) One packet of about 60 seeds
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