The Mexican Garden

Our Mexican Garden is comprised of many Mexican cuisine staples for fresh salsas and authentic summer menus for al fresco dining. This Collection with a kick contains one packet of each of the following varieties at about 10% off regular prices:
  • Big Jim Chile Peppers (about 25 seeds)
  • Ancho/Poblano Chile Peppers (about 30 seeds)
  • Coriander (about 150 seeds)
  • Country Taste Beefsteak Tomatoes (about 25 seeds)
  • Mexican Spice Basil (about 300 seeds)
  • Jalisco Jalapeno Peppers (about 15 seeds)
  • Toma Verde Tomatillos (about 20 seeds)
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    • Buy 50 for $25.15 each and save 10%
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