Horseradish Roots

Armoracia rusticana. Plant the small, prolific perennial roots 1' apart in rich, well-draining soil in a contained spot. Harvest all roots to constrain invasive growth. Never rototill. After the first fall frost, lift the entire plant, remove the root and store in a cool, dry spot for up to six months. In the spring, replant root sections to start a new crop. Or, leave the hardy root in the ground over the winter, digging root sections as needed. Once cut and grated, enzyme secretions create the biting, piquant flavor so adored with seafood, beef and vegetables. Growing up to 5' tall, it has broad, chard-like green leaves and white flowers above its long, tapered white roots~the coveted pungent prize. Store grated Horseradish airtight in the fridge. Discard it after it darkens and bitterness sets in. Spring shipment only. Horseradish root may not be shipped to Hawaii. Deer resistant. HZ: 3-9.

One set of six root segments.
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