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Asian Greens

World cuisine has introduced Asian Greens to cooks everywhere. These piquant leaves are a boon, for most varieties are quick and easily grown. Many types thrive practically year round and, like all Brassicas, prefer cool temperatures and evenly moist soil. Seeds germinate in cool soil (about 45°F) so you can get an early start in the spring as soon as the soil can be worked. Running out of room? Grow smaller varieties like Tatsoi or Mizuna in pots, hanging baskets or wooden boxes. For baby greens, sow thickly and scissor-harvest at 3" to 4" tall. If your season is hot and short, shade baby greens with row covers or grow in dappled sunlight.

Average seed life: 3 years.

Saltwort "Okahijiki"

Saltwort "Okahijiki" Saltwort "Okahijiki" Saltwort "Okahijiki"
40-50 days. An 18th century Japanese heirloom, circa 1700, Saltwort is a unique Asian Green with neat upright leaves and glossy green 12" shoots. Harvested young, the prized tender-crisp shoots impart a faint salty flavor to salads and make an attractive garnish for sushi. (OP.) Average seed life: 1 year

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Gardening Tips

Direct-Sow Basics

Asian Greens Sowing Instructions
Planting Depth
: ¼”-1/2"
Row Spacing: 12”
Seed Spacing:2”-3”
Days to Germination: 5-10 days
Germination Temperature: 70°-75°F

Our versatile, easy and popular Asian Greens thrive in cool temperatures, tolerating mild frost. Sow when the danger of heavy frost has passed. Asian Greens appreciate soil with a moderate amount of organic matter dug in. Keep the soil evenly moist for a mild, sweet taste. When growing individuals, thin them to 8" to 10" apart. For ‘baby leaf’ harvesting, lightly broadcast seed, sprinkle with soil and water lightly. As the plants grow to about 3" tall, give them a “haircut” for salads and stir-fries. Feed regularly to enjoy one or two more cuttings from the initial sowing. In cool summer areas, seed at 10 to 14 day intervals, ensuring a steady harvest of fresh, vitamin-rich greens. Hot weather causes hot and/or bitter flavor and bolting. Your last sowing may be toward the end of summer for fall harvest. Protect with shade cloth at the hottest part of summer days if necessary.

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