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Consolida ambigua. Formerly known as Delphinium ajacis, this cottage garden and bouquet favorite has 20" spires of densely studded, star-shaped flowers. A hardy annual, Larkspur prefers to be directly sown into the garden as soon as the ground can be worked in the spring. So easy. So incredibly rewarding. Deer resistant. Hardy annual. Summer flowering. Height: 2' to 3'.

Average seed life: 2 to 3 years.

The Imperial Larkspur Mixture

Our Imperial Larkspur Mixture yields delicate yet extremely hardy, starry flowers in carmine, dark blue, light blue, light pink, lilac, rose and white. They were incredibly long-lasting and actually flowered until after a light fall frost. It is perfect for fairy gardens and lush, mixed cottage gardens. It’s hard for us to imagine a garden, or summer bouquets, without them. We loved pairing Our Larkspur Mix with Bells of Ireland in the garden. It was so nice to watch the bees frolic from one gentian-blue Larkspur flower to a blushing-pink neighbor with reckless abandon. We even saw two bees head to head gorging themselves on a pale lilac spire.

One packet of about 300 seeds
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Gardening Tips

Larkspur Sowing Instructions
Planting Depth
Seed Spacing:1”
Plant Spacing:8”-12”
Days to Germination: 8-15 days
Germination Temperature:65°-75°F

Consolida ambigua. Larkspur tolerates cold weather and prefers to be direct-sown outdoors as soon as the soil can be worked. Sow 1⁄2" deep in well-draining, loamy soil with full sun. Firm well, since they require darkness for optimal germination. Keep uniformly moist until the seedlings emerge, about 2 weeks after sowing. If you must start indoors and transplant out, sow in the early spring in a good seed-starting medium at about 65° to 75°F. Provide even moisture, strong light and good ventilation until they are 3" tall. Prior to transplanting, acclimate the seedlings by gradually exposing them to outside conditions for 1 to 2 weeks. Thin or transplant 8" to 12" apart in the garden. Weed carefully and keep well-watered until established. Their elegant flower spires may require staking or support. Summer flowering. Height: 2' to 3'.

Shade Tolerance