Pacific Parsnip

110 days. Brand new Pacific is an early producer, so you can start sowing and harvesting Parsnips even earlier in the season, though a kiss or two of fall frost makes these creamy white, broad and bulky, gently tapered roots even sweeter. Pacific has a bold, classic Parsnip flavor and is wonderful boiled and mashed, roasted, or added to hearty winter soups and stews. It stores exceptionally well. (F1.)

One packet of about 150 seeds
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Historically known as the food staple of royalty for its delectably sweet flavor, nutrients and carbohydrate richness, Parsnips reigned as king of the tubers until Potatoes gained supremacy. Parsnips are a bit slow to germinate, so use fresh seed and sow thickly. Sow seed directly into a deeply dug bed in full sun as soon as the ground can be worked in the spring.

Average seed life: 1 year.
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