Bodegold Chamomile

Matricaria recutita. This herb flavors sherry, is made into a popular hair rinse and induces relaxation. Chamomile is one hard-working plant! Bodegold is imported from Germany--this tall, delicately apple-scented variety is not the short Roman type. Diminutive daisies with prominent yellow centers are perky on stems growing to 2' tall. Broadcast-sow in fall or very early spring as freezing enhances germination. Grow a mini-field of this soothing herb if you can: history concedes that Chamomile benefits what grows nearby, including people. Dry flowers or use fresh in herbal tea, soothing to the stomach and the soul. Relax in a tub strewn with blossoms as a delightful skin-softening treat. Chamomile is rumored to benefit Cucumbers when grown nearby - perhaps because pollinating insects love the sweet, innocent blooms. Perennial. Hardiness zones: 4-9. (OP.)

Average seed life: 1 year.

One packet of about 2,000 seeds
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