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Want to encourage a new gardener or jump start a wonderful season for an experienced gardener? Give them one of our discounted seed collections. Cooks and flower-lovers alike will love our carefully curated collections.

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The Butterfly Fast & Easy Flower Garden

This cheery collection features universally beloved, easy-to-grow and exuberantly colorful flowers that will WOW young gardeners, like blue-and-white striped Morning Glories, tumbling Nasturtiums with white-splashed leaves, dazzlingly tall Sunflowers, jumbo Crayon-colored Zinnias, charmingly cup-shaped Cosmos, bright pompon-esque Marigolds, and scrambling-to-the-sky Hyacinth Bean Vine. Each one can be sown directly into the garden in spring. It's so easy! Plus, they're all packaged in a fun, garden-themed cellophane bag tied with jute twine. At 23% off individual prices, the collection includes one packet each of the following:
  • Flying Saucers Morning Glory (~100 seeds)
  • Alaska Nasturtiums (~45 seeds)
  • American Giant Sunflowers (~50 seeds)
  • Bright Jewels Zinnias (~150 seeds)
  • Cupcakes Cosmos (~100 seeds)
  • Marvel Marigolds (~75 seeds)
  • Moon Shadow Hyacinth Bean Vine (~15 seeds)

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