Winged Bean Sowing Instructions
Planting Depth
: 1"
Row Spacing: 3" - 4"
Seed Spacing: 12" - 24"
Days to Germination: 6-10 days
Germination Temperature: 60°-80°F

All parts of this Asian are edible! The small pods are wonderful grilled and sautéed. Larger pods yield flavorful beans that can be dried for storage. The nutrient-rich leaves can be eaten fresh or cooked like spinach, and the delicate, pale blue flowers are edible too. Even the roots are delicious, and have more protein than both potatoes and yams.

A tropical vine, Winged Bean is grown as an annual in northern climates, where it grows like a pole bean up to 12' tall. Seeds can be a challenge to germinate. Nick each seed and soak them in warm water for 24-48 hours, changing the water 2-3 times a day, before sowing outdoors after all danger of frost has passed in spring. Choose the hottest, sunniest spot in your garden and sow the seeds up to 1" deep and 1-2' apart in trellised rows spaced 3-4' apart. In colder zones, starting seeds indoors 6 to 8 weeks before the last frost date may increase the success of pod formation before frost in fall. Harden off the seedlings by slowly introducing them to the outdoors over the span of a week, and then transplant out into the garden after the last frost date. Fertilize twice: once when the plants are young and again when pods begin to form.