Shiso Sowing Instructions
Planting Depth
Row Spacing:18”-24”
Hill Spacing:1”-2”
Days to Germination: 5-14 days
Germination Temperature: 65°-75°F

Shiso is also known as the beefsteak plant, Ji Soo, Chinese basil, the rattlesnake weed or Perilla. A gorgeous ornamental variety for kitchen gardens, it is prized in Asian cuisine. It is easy to grow from seed and can be direct-sown after the last frost date or started indoors 4 weeks before the last frost. As light aids germination, sow seed very shallowly in moist, rich, well-draining soil. Shiso will perform better in full sunlight but will tolerate and grow in virtually any light conditions from shade to full sun. Once the seedlings emerge, keep them fairly dry. When seedlings reach 1" to 2" tall, thin them to a final plant spacing of 12" apart, as Shiso does not like to be crowded. Pinch back the plants regularly to help make them bushy. To harvest, just pick the biggest, most healthy leaves. Use fresh, since they lose most of their taste when dried.

Shade Tolerance

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