Ornamental Millet Sowing Instructions
Planting Depth
Seed Spacing:1”
Plant Spacing:24”
Days to Germination:10-14 days
Germination Temperature:65°-75°F

Pennisetum glaucum. Use this bold ornamental grass to add serious oomph to your hot, sunny borders and containers. Seeds are best direct-sown in spring after the last frost date. Sow the seeds up to 1" deep and keep them moist until germination. Thin clumps to 24" apart. If starting indoors, sow clumps into individual pots 6 to 8 weeks before the last frost date. Harden off the seedlings by slowly introducing them to the outdoors over the span of a week, and then transplant them to at least 24" apart in full sun and well-draining soil after all danger of frost has passed. The deep burgundy to almost-black blades grow robustly, quickly forming a hefty mass of easy-care drama. In midsummer it shoots forth fat, fuzzy flower spikes in the same shade as the foliage, yet flecked with pale gold. Annual. Summer flowering. Height: 3' to 5'.