Night Phlox Sowing Instructions
Planting Depth
Seed Spacing:1”-2”
Plant Spacing:6”-12”
Days to Germination:7-14 days
Germination Temperature:65°-75°F

Zaluzianskya capensis. Night Phlox is what dreams are made of. As the sun goes down, its tiny burgundy buds begin to open until they reveal masses of starry white blooms that glow in the moonlight. But it’s their fragrance that really rules the night. Sweet and intoxicating, it floats on the breeze, making one think of honey and freshly baked vanilla cake. The scent intensifies with the darkness until, near midnight, you’ll be swooning. Seeds can be sown directly into the garden after the last frost date, or indoors 3 to 4 weeks earlier. Cover the seeds with a thin layer of soil and keep them moist until germination. Once all danger of frost has passed, harden off the seedlings by slowly introducing them to the outdoors over the span of a week, and then transplant them to 12" apart in full sun and consistently moist, well-drained soil. Annual. Summer flowering. Height: 12".