Love Lies Bleeding Sowing Instructions
Planting Depth
Seed Spacing:2”-3”
Plant Spacing:6”-18”
Days to Germination: 3-10 days
Germination Temperature:60°-80°F

Amaranthus caudatus. Heat-loving, it can be direct-sown outdoors after all danger of frost has passed in warmer areas. In colder areas, it may be started indoors 6 to 8 weeks before transplanting out after the threat of frost has passed. Sow seeds in good seed-starting medium with even moisture, strong light and good ventilation. Prepare bed in full sunlight with rich, well-draining soil. Harden off the seedlings by gradually acclimating them to outside conditions for 1 to 2 weeks before transplanting out. When plants are 4" to 8" tall, thin or transplant 6" to 18" apart. Love Lies Bleeding has verdant green foliage and luminous fuchsia-garnet flowers composed on long rope-like stems that appear like thick, cascading dreadlocks. Prized in Victorian gardens, this old-fashioned drama queen puts on a big show. Summer flowering. Height: 3' to 5'.