Celosia Sowing Instructions
Planting Depth
Seed Spacing:1”-2”
Plant Spacing:8”-12”
Days to Germination: 10-15 days
Germination Temperature:60°-70°F

Syn: Cockscomb, Prince of Wales Feathers. A tender annual, Celosia prefers to be started indoors 4 weeks before transplanting outside after all danger of frost has passed. Use individual peat pots or seed-starting cells since Celosia hates root disturbances. Sow seeds on top of the soil mix, leaving the seeds uncovered but pressed firmly onto the soil surface, as light is needed for germination. Provide even, lukewarm moisture, strong light and warm temperatures above 60° F during germination. Prepare a garden bed that is in full to partial sunlight with rich, well-draining soil. Harden the plants off by gradually acclimating them to outside conditions over 1 to 2 weeks. Carefully transplant the seedlings into the garden, planting them 8" to 12" apart. Celosia has either crinkled flowers that resemble rooster combs or feathery, plume-type flowers. Height: 24" to 30".