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  1. Cold Broccoli Salad

    Cold Broccoli Salad

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    • Corn-Gruyère Clafouti

      Corn-Gruyère Clafouti

        Jo-Anne van den Berg-Ohms
        John Scheepers * Bantam, CT

        Clafouti, a classic French dessert, is essentially an egg and cream custard poured over chopped “stone” fruit like apples, pears, peaches, cherries (or any other fruit with pits). One night, the corn was so tender and so very sweet that I thought it could have been dessert. That is when I thought of recreating Clafouti into a corn and Gruyère savory dish. It kind of tastes like a cross between a popover and quiche. Baked in individual ramekins and gently removed and placed on each plate, it makes dinner a special treat with almost no effort. I get it all ready to bake in advance and chill it until 50 minutes before dinner when I pop it in the oven.
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    • Creamed Spinach

      Creamed Spinach

        There are few nights that we wouldn't enjoy this easy and delicious creamed spinach. It goes with everything: roasted chicken, grilled steaks and fish of all sorts. On lazy nights, we heat up left overs and serve it topped with poached eggs. On the weekends, we use it for special breakfasts in our Nestled Baked Eggs Florentine. We add it into omelets and even scrambled eggs. It's one of the best most versatile leftovers ever.
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    • Creamy Corn and Fennel

      Creamy Corn and Fennel

        The Totally Corn Cookbook
        by Helene Siegel and Karen Gillingham
        Published by Celestial Arts
        Produced by Becker & Mayer!
        available at Penguin Random House
        The series of Totally Cookbooks unlocks the breadth of recipes available for corn, garlic, potatoes, strawberries, carrots, chile peppers, eggplant, tomatoes (and other key ingredients like chocolate, shrimp or mushrooms). Perfect for corn-loving kitchen gardeners in a summer gift basket, The Totally Corn Cookbook has really wonderful recipes to make the most out of the peak of the corn harvest. This simple recipe takes the steam-bath heat out of the kitchen since you don't have to preboil the corn in a big pot of boiling water. Infused with sweet-savory fennel and onion, it is the most luxurious, delicious creamy corn imaginable, perfect as a bed under grilled fish or poultry or as an elegant side dish. Once you taste this silky corn ambrosia, it will become your family's signature corn recipe for generations.
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    • Creamy Fresh Succotash

      Creamy Fresh Succotash

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    • Creamy Kohlrabi

      Creamy Kohlrabi

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      • Creamy Potato-Gruyère Gratin

        Creamy Potato-Gruyère Gratin

          Founder/Co-Owner Danny Meyer and Chef/Partner Michael Romano
          Union Square Cafe
          101 East 19th Street
          New York, NY 10003
          Phone: 212.243.4020

          The Union Square Cafe Cookbook
          Served with grilled lamb chops and sautéed insalata tricolore at the Union Square Cafe, this magnificent potato gratin is rich, velvety-smooth and absolutely delicious. If you haven’t experienced Union Square Cafe, you must do so. Until then, their irresistible cookbook reveals the secrets behind the restaurant’s marvelous trademark dishes from appetizers to desserts. Its imaginative, yet relatively easy recipes burst with the flavor of fresh, seasonal vegetables and herbs. We suggest creating this gratin with homegrown Yellow Finn or Red Ruby Potatoes. (HarperCollins Publishers 1994.)
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      • Creamy Sage Corn

        Creamy Sage Corn

          This silky, light corn dish is a wonderful bed under Lemon Chicken. It is so delicious.
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      • Crispy Fried Shallot Rings

        Crispy Fried Shallot Rings

          We adore these crunchy, zesty-yet-mild, delicate crispy Fried Shallot Rings. They elevate in-home steakhouse dinners to a whole new level.
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      • Cucumbers with Yogurt

        Cucumbers with Yogurt

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      • Dad’s Favorite Corn Pudding

        Dad’s Favorite Corn Pudding

          My father’s love of sweet American corn was legendary. He could eat six ears of corn at a sitting. This was quite something since he scoffed at corn-eating Americans when he first arrived here from Holland after the war. In those days, the only corn in Holland was feed corn for pigs and cattle. Years ago, my father fell in love with a fabulous corn pudding made by my mother who was given the now-lost recipe by a UConn friend. I created ‘Dad’s Favorite Corn Pudding’ recipe~it comes pretty close to what he craved.
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      • Dressed Warm Kyoto

        Dressed Warm Kyoto

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