Bitter Melon Edible Gourd

75-90 days. AKA Bitter Gourd, the Balsam Pear. This unique Edible Gourd is coveted in Asia, Indonesia, Latin America, India and Australia for its cool, cleansing, bitter quinine-citrus taste and bracing, grassy aroma. It is the size and shape of an apple-green Cucumber with deeply furrowed, smooth-skin and lightly crisp to supple flesh when mature. Bitter Melon should be started indoors 4 weeks before setting out when night temperatures stay above 55°F. Grow them like Cucumbers and support the vines with a tall trellis, netting or strings to keep the fruit straight. Harvest them regularly to encourage production when they are 3" to 8" long and the fruit is firm, before they turn orange. Then, enjoy them in much the same way as you would Zucchini. (OP.)

One packet of about 15 seeds
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