The Beginner Veggie Gardener Holiday Gift Pack

Get them started on their own personal gardening journey with these easiest-to-grow veggies. Once they eat a meal harvested from their own garden, they’ll never turn back. All of these veggies can be sown directly into garden beds in spring—so easy for beginner gardeners! This special collection contains one packet of each of the following varieties at about 20% off regular prices (left to right, top to bottom in photo), and is packaged in a Christmas-themed cellophane gift bag. Want a Hanukkah-themed gift bag instead? Let us know in the notes when you check out, or call us at 860-567-6086.

• Regiment Spinach (~300 seeds)
Cherry Belle Radish (~400 seeds)
The Bulletproof Carrot Blend (~1,400 seeds)
Milano Black Zucchini (~25 seeds)
Jade Green Bush Beans (~150 seeds)
Detroit Dark Red Beet (~220 seeds)

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  • Buy 50 for $18.85 each and save 10%
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