The Beginner Flower Gardener Holiday Gift Pack

All of these low-maintenance, show-stopper flowers can be sown directly into garden beds in spring—so easy for new gardeners! This special collection contains one packet of each of the following varieties at about 23% off regular prices (left to right, top to bottom in photo), and is packaged in a Christmas-themed cellophane gift bag. Want a Hanukkah-themed gift bag instead? Let us know in the notes when you check out, or call us at 860-567-6086.

Junior Dwarf Sunflower (~50 seeds)
Double Click Cosmos Mix (~100 seeds)
Marbles Four O’Clocks Mix (~75 seeds)
Pacific Beauty Calendula Mix (~200 seeds)
Alaska Nasturtium Mix (~45 seeds)
Giant-Almost Dahlia Zinnia Mix (~75 seeds)

In stock
  • Buy 50 for $18.85 each and save 10%
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