Sweet Broadleaf Basil

This tried-and-true Basil is the backbone of Italian cuisine. This traditional, 18" tall, wide-leaf type is imported straight from our favorite seedsmen in Italy. Grow lots for sauces, garnishes, salads and heavenly pesto! Freeze pesto for winter, when your meals could use some zip, adding sun-dried Tomatoes or Chiles for variety. (OP.)

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One packet of about 300 seeds
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Ocimum basilicum. Gardeners are eager to enjoy Basil's intensely aromatic leaves, so they generally seed too early, with poor results. This heavenly herb originated in Africa and can't handle life outdoors until evenings are warm. To prevent damping off, use good-quality starter mix, provide ventilation and water lightly until established. Direct-sow when soil and weather are reliably warm after all threat of frost has passed. Basil prefers rich soil; keep plants producing lushly by frequent trimming and fertilizing. Deer resistant. Annual. (OP.)

Average seed life: 3 years.
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