The Spring Greens Direct-Sow Salad Garden

Try this well-rounded selection of early spring salad greens that will nourish you as you work to bring the rest of your garden to life. All of these cool-weather greens can be sown directly into the garden in early spring, with successive sowings through the rest of spring, and then again in fall. Each one is both beautiful and delicious, but together they make a spectacular salad. This special Collection contains one packet of each of the following Salad varieties at about 20% off regular prices (clockwise from top left):
  • Astro Arugula (~1000 seeds)
  • Garden Tatsoi (~800 seeds)
  • Little Gem Romaine Lettuce (~700 seeds)
  • Verte de Cambrai Mache (~1200 seeds)
  • Merlot Batavian Lettuce (~500 seeds)
  • Regiment Spinach (~300 seeds)
  • Red Salad Bowl Looseleaf Lettuce (~700 seeds)
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