Purple Passion Asparagus

Without question, Purple Passion Asparagus is a connoisseur's delight. Its tender spears are beautiful, deep burgundy with a creamy green interior, tight buds and a rounded tip. More tender, mild and sweet than standard varieties, Purple Passion is very vigorous and productive and will yield spears ready for harvest a year earlier than most varieties.Tender Purple Passion is best appreciated raw in salads or steamed with just a bit of butter and lemon (and chopped, hard boiled eggs-the Dutch way). When cooked, it develops a rich yet mild nutty flavor and a paler purple color. For a special treat, lightly toast a slice of French bread or garlic bread. Butter it and place steamed Asparagus on top of the warm toast raft. Pour equal parts fresh lemon juice and melted butter over the Asparagus. It is simple, and simply delicious. Asparagus ambrosia! (OP.)

One packet of about 100 seeds
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