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Savory Watermelon Bites
Jo-Anne van den Berg-Ohms * John Scheepers * Bantam, CT
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When friends surprised us with a drop-by visit one scorching late summer afternoon, I whipped up these bites to have with drinks on our terrace. Inspired by Shelburne Farms's Watermelon, Tomato and Feta Salad, I did my own version of classic cantelope wrapped in prosciutto. It worked.

Savory Watermelon Bites
  • 20 bite-size Watermelon pieces
  • 20 thin wedges of goat cheese
  • 10 pieces of sliced Black Forest ham
  • Cut the Watermelon into bite-size pieces. Top each piece of Watermelon with a layer of goat cheese. Cut the Black Forest Ham slices (outer strings removed) in half. Roll each cheese covered-Watermelon piece in the ham and secure with a tooth pick. Serve chilled. It is refreshing, sweet, a bit salty from the ham and creamy with a bit of a tang from the goat cheese.