The Gleaming Moonlight Garden

These gorgeous white blooms will catch the moonlight and set the night aglow. This is the perfect collection for gardeners who can't bring themselves to go indoors after the sun goes down, or for gardeners who love to throw an evening dinner party outdoors. Two of these flowers have an wonderful bonus: the Datura and Night Phlox open in the evening and become more and more fragrant as the sun sets. Dreamy!
  • Belle Blanche Datura (about 75 seeds)
  • Moonflowers (about 30 seeds)
  • White Spider Flowers (about 200 seeds)
  • Lace Flower (about 1000 seeds)
  • White Psyche Cosmos (about 125 seeds)
  • Night Phlox (about 100 seeds)
  • White Giant-Almost-Dahlias Zinnias (about 75 seeds)

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