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Garlicky Blue Potatoes with Lavender
Georgia Thurman * Hanover, Illinois
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2002 Award Winning Recipe!
Georgia Thurman
Hanover, Illinois

We love the unusual combination of Blue/Purple Potatoes and Lavender in this savory, heart-warming recipe. A Master Gardener, Mrs. Thurman has kept the ingredients without measurement: "this recipe can not be precise: only one's palate knows the right proportions." It is a startling, beautiful presentation.
Garlicky Blue Potatoes with Lavender
  • Blue or Purple Potatoes
  • Garlic cloves, crushed
  • Olive oil
  • Lavender blossoms
  • Optional: Coarsely ground sea salt and cracked pepper
  • Steam or boil quartered Potatoes until fork tender. Drain. Sauté crushed Garlic until almost golden in olive oil. Drizzle Garlic olive oil over Potatoes and add a "goodly" amount of Lavender blossoms; toss gently yet thoroughly to combine flavors. Add salt and pepper lightly to taste. Serve immediately.