The Fragrant Heirloom Flower Garden

There is nothing more alluring than the sweet scent of summer flowers in a breakfast table arrangement or outside one's bedroom window on a moonlit night. Make sure to order enough so that you can surround your family's screened-in porch with these aromatic beauties. This tempting Collection includes one packet each of these fragrant, heirloom varieties at about 10% off regular prices:
  • New Carpet of Snow Alyssum (~750 seeds)
  • Only the Lonely Nicotiana (~2000 seeds)
  • Marine Heliotrope (~200 seeds)
  • Four O'Clocks Mix (~75 seeds)
  • Fragrant Heirloom Sweet Pea Mix (~50 seeds)
  • Fragrant Pastel Sweet Pea Mix (~50 seeds)

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