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Most Popular Picks

Here are most popular picks for a little bit of direction in picking out varieties for your fund raiser.

The Most Popular Vegetable Seed Varieties
Item Seed Variety 10-49 Packet Price 50+ Packet Price Catalog Page
1230Roc d'Or Bush Beans$3.20$2.656
1280Vernandon Filet Bush Beans$3.40$2.806
1305Kestral Baby Beets$2.65$2.203
1330Chioggia Beets$2.95$2.453
1410Cima di Rapa Broccoli Raab$2.65$2.204
1505Gonzales Baby Cabbage$3.00$2.504
1600Adelaide Baby Carrots$3.00$2.509
1800Argentata Swiss Chard$2.65$2.2023
2000Serendipity BiColor Sweet Co$3.55$2.9525
2070Wrinkled Crinkled Crumpl Cre$2.65$2.2015
2100Sweet Slice Cucumbers$2.85$2.3510
2140Moringa Pickling Cucumber$2.95$2.4510
2320Vittoria Eggplant$2.95$2.458
2330Rosa Bianca Eggplant$2.65$2.208
2420Tuscan Lacinato Kale$2.65$2.2021
2480Lincoln Leeks$3.00$2.5026
2600Blushed Butter Oak Lettuce$3.00$2.5013
2660Merveille des Quatre Saison$2.65$2.2013
2685Merlot Batavian Lettuce$3.00$2.5014
2965Verte De Cambrai Mache$2.85$2.3515
3210Borettana Onions$2.85$2.3526
3350Panache Parsnips$3.30$2.7528
3420Super Sugar Snap Peas$2.65$2.2024
3505Romeo Bell Peppers$3.00$2.5037
3605Big Jim Chile Peppers$2.95$2.4538
3655Jalisco Jalapeno Chile Peppe$3.00$2.5038
3700Rouge d'Etampes Pumpkins$2.95$2.4541
3780Howden's Field Pumpkins$2.65$2.2041
3915Regiment Spinach$2.65$2.2022
4030Milano Black Zucchini Squash$2.65$2.2035
4057Supersett Summer Squash$3.00$2.5035
4080Early Butternut Squash$3.10$2.6040
4200Carmello Tomatoes$3.40$2.8032
4230Brandywine Tomatoes$2.95$2.4533
4290Milano Plum Tomatoes$3.30$2.7534
4300Sungold Cherry Tomatoes$3.55$2.9533
4310Super Sweet 100 Cherry Tomat$3.30$2.7533
4400De Milan Rouge Turnips$2.65$2.2028

The Most Popular Herb Seed Varieties
Item Seed Variety 10-49 Packet Price 50+ Packet Price Catalog Page
6000Sweet Broadleaf Basil$2.65$2.2042
6140Caribe Coriander$2.65$2.2043
2200Dukat Dill$2.65$2.2044
6190True Greek Oregano$2.95$2.4544
3310Gigante d'Italia Parsley$2.65$2.2045
6200Garden Sage$2.65$2.2045
6240Garden Thyme$2.65$2.2045

The Most Popular Flower Seed Varieties
Item Seed Variety 10-49 Packet Price 50+ Packet Price Catalog Page
7210Indian Summer Black-Eyed Sus$3.00$2.5049
7305Early Sensation Cosmos Mixtu$2.65$2.2049
7415Four O'clock Mirabilis Mixtu$2.65$2.2048
7420Moon Shadow Hyacinth Bean Vi$3.00$2.5056
7460Small Fruited Gourds Mixture$2.75$2.3053
7800Heavenly Blue Morning Glorie$2.65$2.2057
7900Imperial Larkspur Mixture$2.65$2.2051
7935Royal Trumpet Lavatera Mixtu$2.65$2.2051
8150Paprika Signet Marigolds$2.65$2.2047
8200Empress of India Nasturtiums$2.75$2.3047
8500Fragrant Heirloom Sweet Pea$2.65$2.2048
8620Sonya Sunflowers$3.00$2.5052
8800Johnny Jump-Ups Viola$2.65$2.2047
8900Oklahoma Zinnia Mixture$2.65$2.2053

The Most Popular Seed Collections
Item Seed Variety 10-49 Packet Price 50+ Packet Price Catalog Page
9000JS Mesclun Salad Collection$12.0518
9010The Happy Baby Garden$18.4531
9055A Child's Garden of Wonder$18.55Envelope
9120Easy Direct-Sow Vegetable Garden$19.756
9095Fall Salad Garden$18.55Website
9100Essential Tomato Garden$19.7533
9105Heirloom Tomato Garden$18.7034
9300Edible Flower Garden$17.0510
9305Heirloom Flower Garden$17.65Website
9310Essence-of-Summer Sunflower$17.0052
9360Easy Direct-Sow Flower Garden$18.15Envelope
9610Culinary Basil Garden$17.4042

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